Posted by Jack Ferreri on Nov 06, 2017
Sarah is the co-founder of the Greater Milwaukee Moms Mental Health Initiative. She spoke to us about the psychological impacts of childbirth on new mothers. She explained the spectrum of Perinatal Mood Anxiety Disorder, from Antepartum Anxiety to full-blown PTSD. Most women began their depression during pregnancy. Anxiety is more common than depression. These issues are much more frequent than is commonly recognized. Most psychiatric hospitalizations stem from postpartum issues with new mothers. One in seven women will experience some form of postpartum depression. Some even have ‘intrusive thoughts’ of harming their new baby. Much of this stems from the dramatic hormonal change that pregnancy and birth bring. And these mothers feel shame because mental health issues are judged harshly by our society. They feel they’re a ‘bad mom'. The medical community isn’t sure how to deal with this issue. Women facing it need to have peer support -- someone sympathetic to talk with.