Rotary Orphan Train Project


The Rotary Orphan Train Project's goal is to help orphanages around the world.  The idea is to match orphanages with service clubs, schools, businesses and other groups that want to help, and thereafter facilitate those ongoing relationships.  Currently, approximately 50 orphanages are matched to more than 50 organizations/entities, all with varying levels of involvement.  Organizations wishing to join are called conductors.  We give each conductor a profile of an orphanage, a list of its needs and costs.  They can also obtain a list of individual orphans to assist.  Conductors get the name and address of a local contact (we call them intermediaries) who is familiar with the selected orphanage, speaks English and can translate correspondence with the orphanage and act as a go-between.



The EDUCATION component involves bringing orphanage directors from around the world to the United States to involve them in current, tested techniques in child care and allows them to exchange information with others in their field. These Orphan Train guests who come to the USA for training at Mooseheart and in Madison (and elsewhere) are referred to as "Glenn Koepp Scholars".



Edward J. Fink

Mary E. Van Hout