Hogar Luis Amigo
Hogar Luis Amigo is an orphanage in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala which houses over 18 girls. Sr Berta Alicia Julian is the director and in 2002 she underwent training at Mooseheart.  Since then, she has been able to implement many of the training techniques she learned there.  The intermediary, Dana Mannen, has been an Orphan Train intermediary and is aware of the duties of this position and performs them well.
This home is for girls 8 - 18 who have been rescued from the streets or from abusive families.  All have come through the Court System of Guatemala.  No support is provided by the court system.  Many cannot read or write and education is accelerated to complete a basic two-year school curriculum in one year to help them catch up.
As a Club and in working with a local Rotary Club in Guatemala, we provide for the ongoing needs of these girls in a direct and personal way so that we get to know them individually, with the potential for club members to travel for even greater direct contact.   It is our goal to have Rotary Club of MWT-M be directly involved.  Their needs include bedding, typewriters, sewing machines, school and art supplies, kitchen needs as well as bigger items like washing machines, hot water heaters, and even a vehicle.