1. Approval: A business entity, organization, institution or any formally organized entity (hereafter known as an “Eligible Business”), may become a member of the Club by designating a Primary Member, who will, per Rotary International requirements, be the member of record and will be a considered a Regular Active Member of the club.  The Primary Member of the Eligible Business must be a member of the Eligible Business’s senior executive group.
  1. Designees: Once there is a Primary Member, the Eligible Business may designate up to two Designees Members, each of whom shall be individuals employed by the Eligible Business. 
  1. Changing Designees: The Eligible Business may change any of its Designees so long as at all times one of them is a Primary Member.
  1. Inductions: The Primary Member will be formally inducted into the Club, as is done for any other Active Regular Member or Active Excused Member (hereafter, “Member”).
  1. Attendance: The attendance requirement for any Eligible Business is the same as an Active Regular Member of the Club.  The attendance requirement can be met by a combination of attendance from the Primary Member and the Designee Members. 
  1. Classification: Because the Primary Member is the official member of the Club, their classification will be counted toward the classification limits set by the Club.
  1. RI registration: Each Designee Member will be listed as an official member of the Club and will be noted in the roster that they are Designees Member of the Eligible Business.
  1. Badges: Badges will be the same as any other Member of the Club.
  1. Votes and Quorum: For the purpose of Special Meetings, where a vote of the membership will be required, Primary Members and Designee Members voting will be the same as any other Member; however one vote will be counted if multiple members from same corporation are in attendance with precedence given to the Primary Member. As the official member of the Club, the Primary Member would apply toward RI election voting.
  1. Holding office: All Designees Members are eligible to serve on club committees. Only the Primary Corporate Member is eligible to serve as a Club Officer. Other Designees are encouraged to pursue a personal membership if they desire to serve as a Club Officer.
  1. Financial obligations:
The financial obligations of an Eligible Business shall be asfollows (subject to the By-Laws of the Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton):
a. Initiation Fee: $125.00 *
b. Dues – Primary Member:  Annual dues of $275.00 * which covers:
  1. Rotary International Dues
  2. District Dues;
  3. The Rotarian Magazine;
  4. Miscellaneous Rotary International Charges
c. Dues - Designee Members:  Annual dues of $0.00 *
*This amount will be reviewed by the Board of Directors annually.
d. Meals: Primary Member and Designee Members: Both Primary and Designee Members will pay for a meal every time they attend a club meeting.  The cost of their meals will be the same as the cost of a meal for a regular member of  the club.  The Eligible Business will be invoiced for all meals eaten by the Primary Member and the Designee  Members.  
e. Note:  If a Primary Member or a Designee Members chooses to become a regular member of the club, they will need to pay the standard New Member Initiation Fee and will be invoiced for meals just as any regular club member would be.  Their membership into the club will require approval by the Board of Directors. 
f. Note:  All invoices from the club will be sent directly to the Eligible Business who will be responsible for payment. 
  1. Weekly Bulletins & Other Communication: The Primary Member and each Designee Member will receive the club’s Weekly Bulletin and other club communications.
  1. Receipt of The Rotarian or Rotary regional magazine: Only the Primary Member will receive the RI magazine.
  1. Public Liability Coverage: The Primary Member and both Designee Members will be included under the respective club liability insurance while participating in any approved club activities or projects.
  1. Participation in Youth Activities: The Primary Member and both Designee Members are expected to abide by all restrictions, policies, and procedures with respect to club activities involving youth.
  1. Termination: The process for terminating the membership of the Primary Member and the two Designee Members is the same as any other regular club member.
      17. Rotary International Foundation: The Primary Member and both Designee Members are encouraged to give to the Foundation in their own names.