Twas an early end to the season for the Badgers this year. They still have a bowl game in front of them, but the stats are closed for the Pigskin Payoff (PP).
  • Total Touchdowns – 46 (54 last year)
  • Total Interceptions – 10 (22 last year)
  • Total Points – 351 (473 last year)
  • Note: last year’s numbers incl Big Ten Tournament.
  • So … regular participants will be billed $56 (TD and picks). We had 13 Club members opt to ‘double- commit’ their dollars, so they’ll be billed $112.
  • The closest guess to total points was Cherie Gon @ 375, so she’ll be billed half her amount: $28.
  • Assuming we ain’t got us no deadbeats or ne’er-do-wells, Pigskin Payoff will net the Club $3,332.
  • Finally, part of the PP was garnering some non-perishable foodstuffs for one of our food pantries. For every game the Badgers won by 20, participants would bring in 1 item at the end of the season. The Badgers won two games by at least twenty, so each PP player should bring in two non-perishable items.  Bring them at the Dec 14 meeting!
  • Thanks to all the members that put their wallets on the line to raise money for the Club!