Cherie Gon on Outsmarting the Scammers

Thanks to our member Cherie for stepping in to fill a speaker cancellation. Cherie’s a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones and she knows this subject deeply. 145 million Americans a year suffer some form of identity theft, leading to annual losses of $2.9 billion. But few of the scammed report it, because of the shame associated with it. And they often don’t know where to go. People are afraid to seek help; especially the elderly.
Cherie had some key tips: 1) Stay calm and evaluate the ‘threat’ objectively. 2) Ask for a number to call them back. 3) The IRS NEVER calls re tax issues. 4) Don’t trust caller ID. 5) Reach out to family members or trusted friends for a second opinion. 6) Watch out for ‘sweetheart scams’ in online relationships. 7) Be careful about lottery or sweepstakes scams. Paying to get a prize is never right. 8) Shred your old financial documents. 9) Review your credit report regularly.