Daniel Kasozi & Ruth Nambowa Bulyaba operate an orphanage and other child-related activities near Kinshasa in Uganda. The Orphan Train conductor for their children's home is the Rotary Club of Oregon (WI). The orphanage houses 45 kids, most of them abused or abandoned. They range in age from infants into the early 20s. They serve a total of 232 children in core program areas: Education; Health, Water, Sanitation and Shelter; Economic Strengthening; Psychological Support and Basic Care; Child Protection and Legal Support; and Food and Nutrition Security. The orphanage pushed education, especially vocational training, so these kids can support themselves for the rest of their lives. The kids are involved in farming to create they food for AHCM. They’re also involved in creating and selling crafts, providing wells and water tanks and in helping older girls deal with hygiene needs. Their website is anotherhope.org, and they’re always grateful for contributions. AHCM is committed to meeting the spiritual and physical needs of vulnerable children in Uganda, through strategic partnership, ministering and undertaking specialized and sustainable child focused initiatives.