Posted on Jun 10, 2021
June 21-28, 2021
The 2021 MWT-M Silent Auction begins June 21 at 3 pm and runs until June 28 at 8 pm. June 21 is only a week away! The committee has been busy creating displays and pictures for each item and uploading the pictures and descriptions for each item online. We have received enough donations to put 70 items in the auction this year!  Well done and thank you to each of you who have responded to our requests.  
You may go to the auction website ( to view the auction items but you won’t be able to bid until 3 pm on June 21. If you have any positive comments or edits, please let Ruth Domack know at
Thank you in advance for your generosity – Your Silent Auction Committee: Abby Benbow, Deb Dieter, Jeannine Desautels, Ruth Domack, Leo Edelstein
Thank you to the following MWT-M generous Silent Auction donors:
Roxanne Brazeau                                             Annette Smith (Alaska Rotary)
Cory Recknor                                                    Jack Ferreri
Stuart Herro                                                      Ruth Domack
Greg Blum                                                         Steve Aune
Leo Edelstein                                                    Jim Olmsted
Kevin Moran                                                     Peder Moren
Mary Beth Growney-Selene                           Dennis Zitnak
Matt (and Sue) Loch                                        Mary Van Hout
Abby Benbow                                                    Jeannine Desautels
Doug Coerper                                                    Deb and  Ward Dieter
Rich Cooper                                                       John Olsen                                             
Mary Feldt                                                         Lizzy Gietman
Ed Fink                                                               Bill Mowbray
John Gerold                                                       Cherie Gon
My sincerest apologies if I left anyone off the above list. Let me know asap so I can correct it.