If you’re unable to make a Club meeting, but want to keep your attendance up, there are several easy ways to do this:
Simply go a meeting at another Club within two weeks (before or after) your missed meeting at our Club. Fill out the paperwork when you attend that meeting, and then send our Secretary an email … or enter it yourself in ClubRunner. Here’s a list of area Clubs and meeting times:
Go online to rotaryeclubone.org and spend an hour or so reviewing articles or watching videos about Rotary programs. You can then click a few buttons to submit that as a makeup for your missed meeting.
Take on a volunteer commitment or attend a Club meeting other than the normal Friday meeting. Working Oakwood Bingo, sitting in a Board or committee meeting, helping out at a food pantry, pitching in with Middleton HS Interact Club, getting dirty with Adopt-a-Highway – all those efforts count as a makeup. You can enter the makeup online or send the Secretary an email.