Posted on Sep 09, 2021

I would like to start by providing my special thanks to those club members who volunteered to operate our bingo concession August 27-29, 2021. It was a hot time in the old town this year, but our volunteers kept their cool and kept the balls rolling. Here is a list of the bingo tent volunteers (multiple shifts):

John Gerold (3), Kevin Moran (3), Jack Ferreri (2), Mary Feldt (2), Leo Edelstein (2), Peder & Jean Moren plus two, Ed & Diane Fink, Kathy Roberg, Jim Emerick, Rod Nilles, Ruth Domack, Nancy Comello, Mary Van Hout, Jeannine Desautels, Connie Fish, Steve Aune, Dean Ryerson, Mary Beth Growney Selene, Jim Olmsted, and special guest Ed Futa.

All year long I was assisted by Kevin Moran and he was there with Steve Aune for the festival set up and tear down. I also want to recognize Paul Patenaude and Peter Hoff who represented our club at the parade this year.

I was expecting to see a huge turnout for Good Neighbor Fest, especially after last year’s cancellation, but our receipts were actually down 25% from 2019. As a result, our final net proceeds plus donations totaled $1,595. However, we may receive a distribution from the festival when everything is tallied. We shortened our hours of operation, which reduced our total volunteer hours. Our average rate per volunteer hour was $14.11 compared to $15.85 in 2019.

Our goal was to raise funds and have fun. Both goals were accomplished. I want to thank my fellow Rotarians for living the “Service Above Self” motto. I would truly appreciate any and all feedback related to this event. If you liked something or have any ideas for improving our bingo concession or Good

Neighbor Fest, please share your thoughts with me

( & Kevin Moran (