Posted by Jack Ferreri on Aug 07, 2018
Our Aug 31 meeting will take place at the 105-acre Pope Farm Conservancy at 7440 Old Sauk Road, about three miles west of the Beltline. Our Club has met here for several years. It offers beautiful vistas, great geological interest, and several different plant environments. We'll be guided by Mel Pope, Conservancy Chairperson, who'll give us an always-insightful overview and take us around to several of the site's features. No sunflower event this year, but there's always lots to see.
We'll have a brief Club meeting before all the sightseeing. We'll have box lunches, BUT YOU'LL NEED TO SIGN UP TO LET US KNOW YOU'RE COMING SO WE HAVE A LUNCH FOR YOU! Make a note in your calendar to do that at the next meeting ... or send an email to