Welcome to 'Team Astrid' all our new Adopt-A-Cot supporters! To all our Adopt-A-Cot supporters, old and new, we would like to extend heartfelt thanks for championing our cause. We wish you a peaceful, blessed festive season from all of us at TLC Children's Home. To give you a bit more background into the Adopt-A-Cot program, you are part of a team of sponsors funding this cot. Together, your donations cover the costs of nappies, food, formula and medical expenses for this child in particular, and also contribute towards the other costs of running a children's home, such as electricity, water, education, salaries for permanent caregivers and petrol for lifts, to name a few. We are so incredibly grateful to have you on board. Because of you, Astrid is able to live in a loving environment, in spite of a difficult start.
Note this is a program in South Africa we’ve helped along with staff training and funding.