Educating Guatemalan Birth Attendants
Area of Focus:  Saving mothers and children
Host Sponsor:  Las Americas Rotary Club of Guatemala City, Guatemala
Proposed Budget: $84,609 for a Vocational Training Team in October, 2019
  • The neonatal mortality rate in Guatemala is 15 babies per 1000 live births.
  • Seventy-five percent of those babies die within their first 24 hours of life.
  • The maternal mortality rate is approximately 120 women per 100,000 live births.
  • The maternal mortality rate is 3 times higher among indigenous Mayan women.
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Established as a Rotary Structured Program in 1971, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is Rotary's leadership training program for young people. RYLA is being held this year from May 17-19 at Camp Upham Woods in Wisconsin Dells.
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Exchange Programs - Inbound & Outbound
  • One year coincides with school year
  • Students live with three families typically
  • Opportunity to learn a new culture and language, to be an ambassador & to make friends for a lifetime
  • It's a year of adventure
  • Rotary District 6250 sends and receives students to/from 40 countries
  • RYE plays an important role in world peace & understanding. Once you have experienced another culture, judgment of others & their culture diminishes
"If every 17 year old were a youth exchange student, we would have no wars." Karl-Wilhelm Stenhammer, RI Past President
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        Madison West Towne-Middleton Rotary Club
                         At Work in the World
                    The Orphan Train Project
                             Children of TLC Orphanage, South Africa
What is the Orphan Train Project?
The Orphan Train Project is made possible by the Madison West Towne-Middleton Rotary Foundation, Inc.  It seeks to assist children living in foreign orphanages in a variety of ways, and has been doing so for twenty-two years.  Over the past two decades, more than fifty children’s homes, in ten different countries, have been helped. Some of the assistance has been for a number of years. However, help has sometimes been given once, with a single goal in mind.
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As of Saturday, November 24, the McAdow Miles Bike team has ridden 15,044 miles. Thanks to the riders.

Jerry McAdow      Tony Burns
John Olson            Todd Weigand
Leo Edelstein        Paul Patenaude
Svein Morner        Peter Hoff
Mary Ruth Marks
There are some who will still ride through the end of the year but this is the figure we'll use to wrap up the fundraiser. If you've pledged and paid, thank you so much for your support!
• If you've pledged and have yet to pay -- now is your time!
• Don't be left behind.  
If you haven't pledged yet, you can still do it.  Help make the McAdow Miles Bike Team fundraiser a success.
Paul will send out donation receipt letters for tax purposes after the end of the year. If you have questions about your pledge status, contact Paul at

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Posted by David Clemens, District Friendship Exchange Chairman
The Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians (including a spouse or significant other) the opportunity to host and visit Rotarians around the world. In addition to experiencing other cultures and making lasting friendships, an exchange provides a strong foundation for carrying out other international activities and service projects.
The primary goal of a Friendship Exchange is to build greater international understanding and goodwill. In addition, exchange participants can learn how their vocations are practiced in other parts of the world, observe new customs and cultures, and promote an appreciation of cultural diversity worldwide.
Rotary District 6250 
Friendship Exchange
Upcoming trip November 2017 Peru

David Clemens
District Friendship Exchange Chairman
Contact information
Cell phone 608-408-8941

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The Rotary Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton is passionate about serving others.  We are involved business and professional men and women, who enjoy good company and the opportunity to play an active role in the betterment of our local and global communities.  Although the club's weekly meetings are vitally important, they account for only a part of what it means to be a Rotarian.
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